TRAVELING TO TEKIRDAG FROM ISTANBUL AIRPORT (new airport) (Directions from airport to Tekirdag)

There is a direct bus by a bus company called Istanbul Seyahat from Istanbul Airport to Tekirdag. It is about 140 km and takes 2.15 h by bus. There is a bus every 2 hours. The price of the bus ticket is 9 US dollars per person. It is straightforward to access the bus station at the airport. It will take just a few minutes by walking. Two of our students will also be at the airport (one in the Istanbul Seyahat office and one in the international arrivals of the airport holding the name of the APCC8) on Sunday.

Please follow the directions for transportation floor (bus station) in airport

Turn right and follow Exit 13 when you reach to arrivals (out of customs door).


Walk approximatelly 100 m and you will see Exit 13 on your left


Use the elevator infront of you instead of going out by using Exit 13 and press -2 in elevator


You will see the exit door on your right when the elevator door opens. You will be in transfortation floor when you walk out of the door.


Turn right. You will reach to the Istanbul Seyahat office after  just 50 m walk.


Map of the road from airport to Tekirdag