APCC8 Scientific Program


On behalf of the organizing committee, we cordially invite you to participate in the 8th Asia-Pacific Chromosome Colloquium (APCC8) to be held on September 18-21, 2023, at the Tekirdag Namik Kemal University, Tekirdag, TURKEY. The objective of this colloquium is to provide a warm and vibrant platform for scientific discussions on  the most recent findings in the area of chromosome science.

The theme of APCC8 will be ‘chromosomes and genomes for the future’. The theme includes studies on both cultivated crops improved by cytogenetic technologies and analysis of genomes of the emerging crops.

A wide range of studies and topics on chromosomes science will be covered during the APCC8, such as:

  1. Genome structure and epigenetics
  2. Karyotype evolution, taxonomy and comparative genomics
  3. Sex chromosomes
  4. B chromosomes
  5. Cell cycle and division
  6. Chromosome engineering
  7. chromosome aberrations
  8. Interphase cytogenetics, chromosome territories and nuclear dynamics
  9. Application of cytogenetics in medicine and agriculture

We look forward to seeing you in Tekirdag, TURKEY on September 18, 2023!

Co-Chairs APCC8

-Prof. Dr. Metin TUNA

-Prof. Dr. Ahmet Latif TEK


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